Dii, now based in Dubai

Dii, now based in Dubai, has established a new industry platform "Supporters of Desert Energy", focusing locally on practical aspects of solar, wind and desalination projects, energy storage and grid integration in North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey (MENAT).



Turning desert power into reality

Our Vision

Renewable Energy from the Deserts to become the primary source of energy in our target countries.

Our Mission

To facilitate the rapid deployment of large-scale renewable energy projects in desert areas.

“I have to say: Morocco is ahead of Europe concerning the development of renewables."

Wolfgang Reuß, Director for North Africa and the Middle East, KfW Development Bank

"Nous sommes persuadés que l’énergie renouvelable est un formidable outil d’intégration régionale. C’est en ca que l’initiative Dii, de notre point de vue, est une initiative pertinente qui doit maintenant obtenir un fort soutien politique."

Mustapha Bakkoury, PDG de l'Agence marocaine de l'énergie solaire

“The cooperation and connections between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East will lead to a sustainable common energy mix at lowest costs. That is in the end what Dii is striving for.” 

Paul van Son, CEO, Dii

"This is a project of Diversification"

Sir Graham Watson MEP, Chairman, Climate Parliament, President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party

«Au Maroc on a plus de potentiel d'énergie renouvelable que nécessaire et on a tous les ingrédients pour partager ce potentiel avec nos partenaires européens: cadre juridique, interconnexions déjà existantes avec l'Espagne et l'Algérie et surtout: nous avons du personnel qualifié.»

Abderrahim El Hafidi, Directeur de l'électricité et des énergies renouvelables, Ministère de l'Énergie, des Mines, de l'Eau et de l'Environnement au Maroc

« Ce que j'observe, c'est qu'il y a une convergence de vision entre tous nos pays. Mais ce qu'il faut maintenant, c'est une convergence des agendas »

Mustapha Bakkoury, PDG, MASEN

“For Morocco, renewable energy is not a fashionable technology but a necessity.”

Driss Benhima, CEO, Royal Air Maroc

« On ne doit pas considérer chaque ligne toute seule. Il faut activer un système intégré avec de nombreuses interconnexions qui se base sur un robuste système Sud-Sud. »

Michelangelo Celozzi, Secretary General, Med-TSO

“This year in Tunisia we had blackouts in electricity. These blackouts will continue next year. That means that there are actions in the development of renewable energy to be taken now. Not in 2020. Not in 2030.”

Mouldi Miled, Executive Director of the DESERTEC University Network

“In EU we are on a crossroad, if we get more union respective energy supply or if we fall back in totally self-contained countries. I strongly vote for a United EU based on renewable energies with strong relationship with our neighbors.“

Torsten Jeworrek, CEO of Reinsurance, Munich Re

“The only way we can survive is to deliver energy to the lowest possible price. We in Saudi Arabia have significant renewable resources both wind and solar and they are already on a good way. We are with Dii to make that development faster.”

Paddy Padmanathan, CEO, ACWA Power

“When we organize an export from North Africa to Europe, money and know-how flow back to North Africa and there would be a great need for these countries that this happens.”

Hans-Josef Fell, Member of the German Parliament

“20 years ago, people said that Algeria was going to collapse. This country positively evolved. There was no single interruption of energy supply from Algeria to Europe all this time. The investments even increased. So let’s not scare too much investors.”

Noureddine Boutarfa, CEO, Sonelgaz

„Der Strom wird zunächst für die Länder vor Ort produziert und dort auch verbraucht werden. Das deckt sich voll und ganz mit unserer EU-Politik, die immer schon darauf abzielte.

Günther Oettinger, EU-Kommissar für Energie

« Les Européens s'épuisent à aller en Chine alors qu'il y a un potentiel énorme de développement à une heure et demie d'avion... Les relations entre l'Europe et le Maghreb pourraient être beaucoup plus fortes. »

Erik Orsenna, romancier

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